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Go time.

Alright. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow to discuss a plan for my workout and stuff. I’m worried about the meeting because he’s a high school classmate and may not understand and really likes to repeat himself. He’s also a little narcissistic but annoyingly so. The next day I start my 24 day challenge. Here we go.



Batpool - Coming to a con near you.

Whilst preparing for C2E2, it dawned on me that I’d like to do something different from traditional Batman. I’m going to combine my favorite DC character, Batman, with my favorite Marvel character, Deadpool. Yes, it’s been done before but this is not one that I have seen very much of. I talked with a friend and he is sure he can help me make this awesome costume.

All roads lead to awesome, right?

I thought so.



From Zero to Batman: Bad Days 1 & 2

I’ve skilled yesterday and now today. I have a bad feeling that things will quickly worsen. I’m still eating well, for the most part, and I’m being active.

Hopefully Monday brings a new day.



From Zero to Batman: Day 3

Thank god for a schedule. Had I not planned to have the workout done before work, it would never have been done. I stuck with Insanity today since I was super sore yesterday and this morning. I did a little bit more than I did yesterday which is good. I’m the kind of person that really wants to see immediate results but this is going to take a long time and I know it.

I’m getting really excited about the future and how this will turn out. Part of my motivation is working on the actual costume and how that will turn out.



From Zero to Batman: Day 2

Yesterday I started an 8 month transition to be comic-con ready. I’m way too large for my own health and for my own career and so this is just the kind of motivation I need.

Yesterday I came up with the idea that I would alternate for a good while between the Les Mills Combat Extreme Cardio and Insanity Power Cardio. Both are provided by Team Beachbody. Both also make me sweat a lot so it’s doing the job. I find it odd; I hate the feeling before the workout, knowing I have to do this but it’s so much more relaxing just sitting and wathcing TV. I hate the feeling during the workout. I hate the sweat running down my face, fatigue setting it, and feeling somewhat sick. Despite all of that, I love the feeling after the workout. I feel accomplished. Like I really did something good for me.

I know it’s a really long road ahead of me but if I can keep this schedule going, I think I’ll be in good shape, literally.



From Zero to Batman: A Fat Kid’s Journey

I’ve been saying ever since I started college that I would try to lose weight and look decent without a shirt. I came close a couple of times but I never succeed. I have the motivation to change but not the support system. I hate that my girlfriend tries to keep my spirits up and tell me I’m not fat but I honestly hate that. Blatant lying about this kills me and that’s not the poor self-esteem talking.

I did a cardio workout today for the first time in a long time. I was worn out or extremely tired. I felt good afterwards. I felt accomplished. I like that feeling. However, it’s so much more comfortable to just sit and watch Netflix than getting up and doing something. Now that I’ve graduated, I don’t have a support system and my motivation lacks even more. I’m tricking myself into thinking that a labor-intensive job for four days a week coupled with working another job will help keep my heart rate up and keep burning some fat. I know it won’t actually work but I don’t know what to do.

I want to change and shock everyone by going to C2E2 this year as Batman and being fit for it; by not being Fatman. The girls I’m going with are training as well for their roles so I need to as well. I’ve got 8 months to be performance ready.

I’m so not cut out for this.



What If? A Souper Comics event.

I recently ran into a friend I hardly see. She’s one of those friends that will always be a good friend to you even though you don’t interact much. She’s awesome. Years ago, we almost had a thing together but she told me “no” because she wasn’t ready for at least a year. I obeyed her wishes and let it be. I really wish I would’ve gone back when I originally thought about it just to see what would’ve happened. We could’ve been awesome together or terrible; I’ll never know. I’ll always treasure those few weeks where we had something. I still wonder..



A Play Challenge? Alright.

So I agreed to do this 24-hour play challenge. Sounds kind of cool, right? It sure did. A week ago and even during auditions tonight I was pretty comfortable. I knew what actors I wanted and had an idea of what writer I hoped to get as well. Well, as luck would have it, I got the actors I wanted to avoid and I’m nervous about the writing, not that it’ll be bad but I wanted other writers. This whole rehearsal process done all tomorrow would be alright if I had two or three actors around my age but I’ve got pre-teens, a mom, and a middle-aged man for my cast. Challenge? Oh yeah. Will this be good for me? I sure hope so.